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Shadow Education as Worldwide Curriculum Studies
Conceptualising the Digital University
Sustainability, Human Well-Being, and the Future of Education
Higher Education and Hope
The Uncertain Future of American Public Higher Education
Online Citizen Science and the Widening of Academia
Teaching Struggling Students
Understanding Global Skills for 21st Century Professions
The Palgrave Handbook of Race and the Arts in Education
Wild Pedagogies
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Palgrave Studies in Educational Futures
Palgrave Studies in Educational Futures
This series is a call on all aspects of education, not only specific subject specialist, but policy makers, religious education leaders, curriculum theorists, and those involved in shaping the educational imagination through its foundations and both psychoanalytical and psychological investments with youth to address this extraordinary precarity and anxiety that is continually rising as things do not get better but worsen.
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Palgrave Critical University Studies
Palgrave Critical University Studies
The over-arching intent of this series is to foster, encourage, and publish scholarship relating to academia that is troubled by the direction of these reforms occurring around the world. The series provides a much-needed forum for the intensive and extensive discussion of the consequences of ill-conceived and inappropriate university reforms and will do this with particular emphasis on those perspectives and groups whose views have hitherto been ignored, disparaged or silenced.
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New Frontiers in Education, Culture, and Politics
New Frontiers in Education, Culture, and Politics
This series focuses on both topical educational issues and highly original works of educational policy and theory that are critical, publicly engaged, and interdisciplinary, drawing on contemporary philosophy and social theory. The books in the series aim to push the bounds of academic and public educational discourse while remaining largely accessible to an educated reading public
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Announcing a New Series: Call for Proposals
Palgrave Critical Perspectives on Schooling, Teachers and Teaching is concerned with thinking about how schooling can be done differently and in ways that engage and inspire young people and teachers. The book series takes as its premise that education should be an exhilarating experience which leads to wonderment, new knowledges and seeing the world from multiple perspectives and that education should have impact beyond the classroom. It will include books that explore such conceptions of education within the context of more socially just systems, and more democratic societies. It seeks books that provoke debates about new structures of schooling; teacher education
programmes; the nature of teachers’ work and teaching (pedagogy, curriculum and assessment). 
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