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Journal news


Chief Editor Barbara Cheifet will be attending the Keystone Higher-Order Chromatin Architecture in Time and Space meeting in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada from March 15th-19th. 

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Featured articles


Gene content evolution in the arthropods

Thomas and colleagues use 76 whole genome sequences spanning more than 500 million years of evolution to identify how arthropods diversified into modern orders.

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Chromatin interactome mapping at 139

Chromatin interactome mapping at 139 independent breast cancer risk signals

A study of chromatin interactions between causal variants and target genes in mammary epithelial and breast cancer cell lines and helps to identify target genes at 139 breast cancer risk signals.

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Non-coding RNAs underlie genetic predisposition to breast cancer

Non-coding RNAs underlie genetic predisposition to breast cancer

The largest catalog of breast-cancer associated multi-exonic non-coding RNAs shows that mencRNAs may be an alternate mechanism by which causal variants influence breast cancer risk.

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Table of contents





Functional consequences of archaic introgression and their impact on fitness

Maxime Rotival and Lluis Quintana-Murci




Performance difference of graph-based and alignment-based hybrid error correction methods for error-prone long reads

Anqi Wang and Kin Fai Au



Clustered CTCF binding is an evolutionary mechanism to maintain topologically associating domains

Elissavet Kentepozidou et al. 



Non-coding RNAs underlie genetic predisposition to breast cancer
Mahdi Moradi Marjaneh et al.



Chromatin interactome mapping at 139 independent breast cancer risk signals

Jonathan Beesley et al.



A benchmark of batch-effect correction methods for single-cell RNA sequencing data

Hoa Thi Nhu Tran et al.



Enteric infection induces Lark-mediated intron retention at the 5′ end of Drosophila genes

Maroun Bou Sleiman et al.



cis-regulatory variation modulates susceptibility to enteric infection in the Drosophila genetic reference panel

Michael V. Frochaux et al.



Benchmarking principal component analysis for large-scale single-cell RNA-sequencing

Koki Tsuyuzaki et al.



A curated benchmark of enhancer-gene interactions for evaluating enhancer-target gene prediction methods

Jill E. Moore et al.



Gene content evolution in the arthropods

Gregg W. C. Thomas et al.



Co-opted transposons help perpetuate conserved higher-order chromosomal structures

Mayank NK Choudhary et al.



CUBIC: an atlas of genetic architecture promises directed maize improvement

Hai-Jun Liu et al.



DENDRO: genetic heterogeneity profiling and subclone detection by single-cell RNA sequencing

Zilu Zhou et al.



HIFI: estimating DNA-DNA interaction frequency from Hi-C data at restriction-fragment resolution

Christopher JF Cameron et al.



CHROMATIX: computing the functional landscape of many-body chromatin interactions in transcriptionally active loci from deconvolved single cells

Alan Perez-Rathke et al.



scMAGeCK links genotypes with multiple phenotypes in single-cell CRISPR screens

Lin Yang et al.


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